The switches are manufactured maintaining the technical specification of IRS, UIC and CEN, as per requirements of the customers. The manufacturing process are employing the latest CAD/CAM systems along with latest manufacturing and testing facilities.

Types of switches we are manufacturing

  • Fabricated Curved Switch 1 in 7 , 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail
  • Complete Turnout sets 1 in 7, 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 60 Kg & 52 Kg Rail with PSC & Steel Sleepers
  • Scissor X Over Crossing 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail & Diamond Crossing
  • Derailing Switch for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail

Thick Web Switch

We offer a complete switch with Heat Treated Welded Crossing solution ranging from high-speed moveable crossings and their associated actuation, locking and detection systems through to CNC machined mono block tramway switches, which include removable blades.

We design, manufacture and assemble switches and crossings.

Our JV can offer widened product and technology portfolio including swing nose crossings and switch and crossing monitoring equipment, we are ideally placed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the railway industry. We have fully equipped Machine shop along with CNC controlled machines for manufacturing turnouts. The turnouts can be made to suit Wooden, Concrete or Steel layout. We fabricate customized prompt solutions for switches and crossings that are cost effective.

Head Hardening

Head Hardening treatment on rail is an economical and effective way of prolonging the service life of rail by improving the rail’s mechanical properties. We introduced an improved rail head hardening technology with adopting new induction heating coil, new coolant and cooling device and new cooling mechanism. The properties of rail treated by this improved head hardening technique are tested systemically.

The results show that the improved head hardening technology not only can greatly improve the mechanical properties and service performance of rail, but also is more reliable and safe on the technique. We design, manufacture and assemble switches and crossings.

Swing Nose Crossing

We manufacture swing nose crossing as per the specific requirements of our customers.

These crossings are beneficial to both High Speed and High Axle Load infrastructures, providing impact elimination, noise reduction and very low maintenance.

Swing nose crossings allow for the train wheel to pass through the turnout supported by the rail throughout. By movement of the nose of the crossing as well as the switch of the turnout the turnout track is uninterrupted from entrance to exit. The robust cast manganese cradle gives superior wear and durability performance to the crossing.

Fabricated Crossing

We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Fabricated V Crossing. Our designed Fabricated Crossings are cost effective and ideal solution for low traffic environments where Manganese Solutions are not required, These items have high tensile strength and high tolerance level. These products are developed from premium quality of material sourced from our most trusted and certified vendors.

These products are extensively used in the track running over bridges. These items are used for easy and smooth running of the trains and require least maintenance.

We offer these Fabricated V Crossings at most affordable prices to our precious customers. We have a fantastic range of Rail Profile and Sizes to choose from.

Diamond Crossing

Diamond crossing consists of 4 centre-block crossings made from austenitic high-manganese steel (AMS) with fishplate or welded-on closure rails and the corresponding check rails.

We are the manufacturer of complete diamond crossings (with double slip, single slip and without slip) as a single-source supplier of the key components, CMS Crossings and Switches.

Our clients benefit from assurance of complete and accurate fitment of the components inclusive of fittings and fastenings which can only be ensured in case of providing the complete turnout from a single source.

Further the logistics in the hand of the customer is being streamlined as through the complete supply from RV Rail there is no requirement of separate control that all components required reach the installation site on time which is always a critical part in case of split purchase of crossings, switches and fittings / fastenings.

Spring Setting Device (SSD)

We manufacture SSD as per RDSO specification and drawing.

The Spring Setting Device ensures the correct setting of the switch rail . It gives exactly the required flange way clearance between the open tongue and stock rails at all times and that too up to the junction of Rail Heads (J.O.H.).

This device functions without any fault, each and every time when the switch is operated. It can be used on all the turnout designs of the railway tracks and has already proven to be perfect in every condition. It is very economical as well as it has a longer life. So this device is most essential & effective part of Railway systems.

Switch Expansion Joint

A Switch is an arrangement that enables the train to change its track so that it proceeds in the correct direction. This SEJ is a device, installed at the end of LWR/CWR, to allow the longitudinal movements in the breathing length due to temperature variations or we can say it is an arrangement that compensates with the natural changes in the track due to temperature variations and protects the technical standard dimension of the same. This arrangement ensures that there is no considerable variance in the parameters of the track so that there is no hindrance is created in the passage of the wheel over it. Both expansion and contraction are dealt with by the SEJ.

Improved Switch Expansion Joint

To overcome the defects caused by bend in Switch Expansion Joint the design has been modified to Improved Switch Expansion Joint. Rail movement joints are required when tracks are laid across engineering structures such as bridges and viaducts. These structures are exposed to changes in lengths due to ambient influences like traffic load, temperature and wind. These influences sometimes lead to angular rotations of the end spans in the abutment. Rail movement joints are installed to bridge such length variations and - if required - to accommodate angular rotations of the end spans.

Advantage of Improved Switch Expansion Joint

  • To avoid two bends involved in the design of the STOCK Rail & TONGUE Rails in conversional type of Switch Expansion Joint.
  • To avoid fractures in the bent portion of the STOCK Rail & TONGUE Rails in conversional type of Switch Expansion Joint.
  • To meet other requirements like wide gap at bridge approaches.
  • Suitability in curves sharper than 0.5° and up to 0.4°.
  • Suitability for higher axle load.
  • Suitability for iron ore route.
  • Suitability for heavy mineral route.
  • Suitability for high speed routes.
  • Check Rail guard against excessive play of worn out wheels.
  • Easy maintenances.
  • Less wheel impact.
  • More Wheel Support.