Glued Insulated Rail Joints

We offer a wide range of Glued Insulated Rail joints of different sections and DRG./SPECNS. These glued joints track circuiting on welded track & can move at higher speeds with less friction. In this joint, rails, fish plates, bolts and nuts are permanently bonded together with an insulating epoxy adhesive.
These insulated joints are available in two types:

Factory Made Type: Commonly called S-type, these joints are made in the factory with the help of rails. The Joints are fabricated in lengths of 6 to 6.5 meters each.

IN-SITU Type: The type of In-Situ Joint manufactured by Jai Dadi Group is the kind which is fabricated on the site itself, on the already present fishplate joint. Hence this type does not mandate the transportation of the rails to the factory since the joints are fabricated on the actual site itself.