Fish Plates

We have successfully built an ultra-modern infrastructure unit that enables us to manufacture various kinds of Fish Plates and this includes Fish Plate Bars as well. These products are generally used for repairing different railway tracks temporarily in a quick manner. Fish plates are known for their resistance against corrosion and durability and it is for these various reasons that such products have gained a high demand in the Indian Railways.

Under Fish Plates there are 2 broad categories and Jai Dadi Group takes great pleasure in asserting itself as one of the leading manufacturers of both such categories as follows:

  • Fish Plate Manufacturers
  • Fish Plate Bar Manufacturers

Under the first category, there are various sub-categories as follows:

  • Ordinary Fish Plates
  • Joggled fish plates
  • Special Fish Plates (used in glued insulated rail joints)
  • Combination fishplates

Jai Dadi Group manufacturers each of the above in the most cost-effective and quality conscious way.