Ked Sati Iron and Steel Pvt. Ltd

The Jai Dadi Group manufactures all types of fish plates; groove rubber sole plate (GRSP) -6mm; Elastic Rail Clip (ERC) ERC-II, III, V; Metal Liner; Single Coil Spring Washer; Composite Grooved Rubber Sole Plate; Glued Joint; HTS bolt and nuts.

The main distinctive feature about Ked Sati Iron and Steel Pvt Ltd is that it proudly boasts of a fully developed and functioning rolling mill, all as per ISO standard and certification. The main essence of the rolling process is that the billets are rolled and thereby converted into various products that are of excellent quality done by way of a complex heating and rolling process that is completely automated. This in-house rolling mill gives the Jai Dadi Group great advantages in terms of timely production hence timely delivery and being cost effective. This enables our pricing to be more competitive hence benefitting our customers in the long run.