About Jai Dadi Group

The Jai Dadi Group is the manufacturer and supplier of railway track items for more than 3 Decades. In 1983, the company started development and manufacturing of various types of railway track items and from the 21st century the company has developed various types of track safety items. All the group companies under the Jai Dadi Group are ISO certified and RDSO approved, hence ensuring that the products attain the highest level of quality possible.

The foundation of Jai Dadi Group was laid by Mr Subhash Kr. Kedia. Mr Kedia, a visionary from his childhood has worked hard enough to achieve his goals and has been successful in more than one ways. Apart from excelling in business, Mr Kedia enjoys the reputation of being a socialite and a very generous kind-hearted person which has made him win hearts of many.

The Jai Dadi Group has always made its mission and ambition to become the number one company by providing the best quality products at the best prices with complete customers’ satisfaction. It has vowed to maintain its standards of integrity and business ethics so that the growth and development can be sustained. The Jai Dadi Group aims to create more branches enabling diversification.

The various Group Companies manufacturing different railway items are: -